Water & Gas Leak Detection

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how do find water leak. Plumbers for water leak detection in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Water & Gas Leak Detection

Whether you are hearing running water or seeing puddle of water at unusual places there is a big chance that you have a water leak.   When a water leak is present it can cause very serious problems to the property such as foundation problems, wood rot, mold, or safety hazard.  Once you hear or see signs of leak at your place it is highly suggested for you to contact a professional to determine where the problem is.  Failing to repair a water leak on time, can be very costly and a health hazard once mold start to emerge.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you have a water leak or gas leak, we have all the state of the art technology that can detect it for you.  We can pin point the problem and can immediately fit any problem that you are encountering.  Call us today to for immediate leak detection service at 323-201-7473.

Let us provide you with premium plumbing service at rock bottom prices.

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hydro jet cleaning service.

Sewer Jetting Service

Hydro Jetting your sewer, drain and/or grease lines will throughly blast away years of build up. Restore your pipes back to its like new condition and see a huge difference with your water drainage.

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