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Repair, replacement and new install

Ejector pumps also known as sump pumps, sewer pumps, pit pumps, sanitary sewer pumps, etc.  are installed to assist waste water to discharge into the main city sewer or lateral line.  Ejectors are usually placed inside a pit and will automatically pump out liquid once it reaches a certain content level.  Typically, if there is a pump failure most systems will have an alarm near the control box that will start to go off.  When this alarm makes noise it is sign that there could be a problem with the pumps or it may need to be reset with a push of a button.  


When the alarm continually goes ff after resetting, it is a good indicator that there could be a defective pump. Having a non working pit pump will cause the tanks to overflow releasing sewer or grease waste from the top.

Don’t disregard pump alarms and failures for it can be very costly to clean up the mess it can create. Call us today for more information about sewer ejector pumps at 323-201-7473.