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  • LA Plumbing Service. Clean Out Installation Service

    Pipeline Repair

    Full service pipe repair service commercial and residential plumbing service.

  • Pipe inspection Grease Build Up and Grease Removal Service

    Complete Pipeline Inspection

    Having problems with your pipes? We have a state of the art equiptment to evaluate your pipelines.

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  • Tankless heater and boiler installation residential.  We offer a full service installation service for tankless water heaters and boilers for 
							both commercial and residential in los angeles. Plumber intallation of boilers.

    Heaters & Boilers

    Professional boilers and tankless heater repair and installation service.

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LA Plumbing & Hydro Jetting Service

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  1. Residential & Commercial

    Los Angeles, Ventura & Orange County


Whether you have a minor drainage problem, sewer stoppage or in need of a major plumbing work, we are here for you. We employ a team of professional plumbers dedicated to deliver to your needs at low affordable prices.

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Buy your service online today. Simply pick a plan, pay online and schedule service, it's that simple. We provide a flat rate service for on demand or preventative maintenance hydro jetting service. Click here to learn more.


As a team of professional plumbers, we focus on delivering high quality plumbing services to keep up customers happy. We guarantee quality and warranty most major services for up to 3 years. Call us today to learn more.


We ensure immediate response and quality workmanship with every service we provide. The secret to our success is performing for our customers the highest level of quality plumbing services at below market prices.

Los Angeles, Ventura & Orange County Plumbers


Residential Plumber

Whether you are looking for a drain cleaning serivce for your home or a complete replacement of the sewage system, we are here for you. Our residential plumbers are fully trained and experience provide every customer with all their plumbing and heating needs. Our technician have years of plumbing experience and is available for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Drain Cleaning Service Hydro Jetting Service Rooting Water Heater Repair Pipeline Repair Gas Line Repair Fixtures Installation Tankless Heater Installation Sewer Repair Trenchless Pipe Copper Repipe


Commercial Plumbers

Owning or managing a business can be very hectic to say the least. At LA Plumbing Service we offer 24 hour service to ensure that your business is operating at its maximum output throughout the day. As dedicated plumbers we are here to help you fix, build or maintain any plumbing or heating problems that you may have. Let us become a part of your team and we will ensure you that we will deliver to your every need.

Drain Cleaning Hydro Jetting Rooting Boilers & Water Heater Pit Pumps Sewer Line Repair Gas Line Repair Fixtures Installation Water Line Install & repair Trenchless Sewer Camera Inspection Leak Detection

Food Services

Restaurants and Food Manufacturing

We have team of specialize plumbers who have vast knowledge working with restaurants, food manfucturers, cafeterias, caterers, commissaries, etc. The fact that most food servicing facilities have lines running separately, it is imperative that the servicer have knowledge of working with devices such as: grease traps, grease interceptors, pit pumps, grease lines, etc. Let our specialty plumbers help you today.

Hydro Jet Plumbing Drain Cleaning & Repair Grease Trap Install & Service Grease Interceptor Service Interceptor Service & Install Grease & Sewer Line Repair Boilers & Heaters Trenchless Pipe Repair Odor Detection Pit Pumps Repiping Camera Inspection Odor Detection

Water Heaters

water heater and tankless water heater installation service. los angeles plumbing service

Water Heaters & Boilers

Over time water heaters or boilers can start to deteriorate due to normal wear and tear. At LA & OC Pluming Co. we have experts have vast experience in the subject matter. Whether you are looking to upgrade from a typical boiler or upgrade to a new tankless water heater our plumbing experts are ready to provide you with excellent service.

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Hydro Jetting

Drain Cleaning

Blast away stubborn blockage from your pipeline with hydro jet plumbing. Unlike rooting or snaking, using a high pressure water jetter can clear away years of build up residing in the pipeline. A hydro jetter is designed to presure wash inside your drain to restoring it to nearly to its original condition.

Using up to 3,500 psi at 10-15 gallons per minute, jetting service can blow out and cut through tough build up that's residing inside your drain lines. Put an end to your stubborn drain problems and get your pipelines hydro jetted today.

LA Hydro Jet Service Los Angeles Plumbing and Jetting | OC Jetting Service

Pit & Sump Pumps

Repair or Replace

Sump pumps and pit pumps are designed to blow out luquids from the ejector basin to to a larger sewer line or directly to the city main. Typically, these are use to assist the flow from the lower level to higher grounds. Becoming popular in new developments, the importance of understanding the service requirement and maintenance of the device is crucial.

Under normal conditions, waste water doesn't flow upstream and gravity will direct the flow of the waste water to the main lines. If pipelines are below ground level and the outbound sewer lines travels upwards assistance of a pump is necessary for waste water to travel upwards.

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pit pumps and sewer pump repair. Basin pumps septic plumbing service.

Camera Inspection

Line Locator & Camera Inspection

Do you know the condition of your pipelines? Knowing the condition of your drain line can save you from any un-necessary repairs that may be costly. Call us today to schedule a line inspection.

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Recent Works

We take great pride in providing our customers with the best commercial and residential plumbing service.   From day one we have stood by our three major core values in which as made us the successfuly plumbing company we are today; quality, timely service and low price points.  Call us today for our unbeatable prices 323-201-7473.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning, Plumbing, and Heating Services


Hydro Jetting Service

LA Hydro Jet Plumbing Service | OC Hydro Jet Plumbers | Sewer Jetting

Water Line

Copper pipeline re piping.  Waterline repair and installation service.

Grease Trap Service

Restaurant grease trap installation under the sink Los Angeles and Orange County plumber. 
											Small grease trap installers.

Water Heaters

Heater and tankless water heater installation service Los Angeles and Orange County | Heater and boiler tank repair

Sump & Pit Pumps

Pit pump repair. Ejector pump installation and repair for sewer or grease interceptor.

Pipeline Repair

sewer line repair, roots blockage main sewer line plumbing problems. Repair sewer lines. Plumbing company repairing sewer lines.

Camera Line Inspection

sewer camera inspection.  Line locating camera inspection for pipelines

Grease Interceptor Service

Grease Interceptor Baffle Repair and Installation Service for commercial restaurants.  Plumbers installers of grease interceptor in Los Angelels and Orange County California.

Words From Clients

Gas valve installation and gas leak detection. Dependable plumbing service gas line, water heater, rooting, sewer line.

I am a realtor in Huntington Beach, I have used and recommended this company for all plumbing jobs. They have professional trustworthy plumbers and they do not upsell uneccessary services. It's definitely nice to have plumbers that I can depend on and recommend.

Jon Taylor, Vista Funding Corp.

Restaurant grease trap plumbing service | Restaurant plumber grease trap

As a general manager, I expect to have a company that is always available for our restaurant. I switched to LA Jetting and Plumbing because of their honesty, dependability and ability to exceed our expectations.

Frank Tabello, Maggies

Residential plumbing service sewer line repair, roots in the pipelines, blockage of main line.

I was referred to this company by a friend and was told that they are very good. They were right!!! These guys was able to save me thousand on repairing my sewer line. Thank you guys.

Wally Lee & Family, Irvine