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What is a Grease Interceptor?

Similar to a grease trap, a grease interceptor will function as a gravity device that is designed to trap most of the grease and solids waste from entering the sewer system.  Grease interceptor sizes can vary from 500 gallons up to 25,000 gallons.  All waste entering the grease interceptor will come from the kitchen and in no circumstances should have any sewer waste in it.  

Grease Interceptor Installation

Are You Installers of Grease Interceptors?

For years we have been installing grease interceptors throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.  Grease interceptor installation price will vary based on the size and the degree of difficulty.  Since every grease interceptor requirements will vary, it is necessary for product specialist to speak with you and gain knowledge of the layout and requirements.

How often should a grease interceptor be serviced?

The service increment for the grease device will vary based on the amount of the of the grease interceptor, foot traffic, operational hours,  as well as the type of food the kitchen is producing.    In similar to a grease trap, the requirements for a grease interceptor pumping service will be once it reaches 25%-30% FOGS content. 

Grease Interceptor Cleaning Service

When pumping an interceptor it is important that the servicer pump all content out of the device.  Grease interceptor contents will consist of grease on the top, water in the middle (separator) and solids in the bottom.  It is imperative that when servicing the grease interceptor that there is nothing left inside the tank.  Furthermore, if the grease interceptor capacity is at a 1,000 gallons, the servicer should always be taking nothing less out of it unless there is a malfunction in the device.  Grease interceptors are only empty the day that it is pumped out and once the water from the kitchen is turned on, it will fill up to its normal capacity.  Upon reaching its normal gallon capacity, for every gallon of water, grease and solids that enters it will release the same amount of waste water out.

Grease Comming Out of The Manhole Covers

Grease spilling out of the top is a sign that there is a blockage not letting the water out of the grease interceptor.  If the grease interceptor has not been serviced, it is probably the reason why and it should be pumped out immediately followed with a hydro jetting of the main line.  Though, if the grease interceptor was just serviced and you are expecting an overflow it highly recommended that a hydro jet pipe cleaning service is to be done.  Let our grease interceptor experts help you with your grease interceptor maintenance or overflow issues by calling us at 323-201-7473.

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Hydro Jet Plumbing Service Los Angeles and Orange County

Overtime graese will build up in your pipelines causing your water to drain slow. Hydro jetting will help remove all build up inside your pipe making them drain as if they are new again.

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